Jack @ Home


Studio Sessions 1


Music can be so beautiful and fearless, and with it carry many emotions. It carries the beauty of loneliness, of pain, of strength and freedom. All in a melody. In the same breath, it also has the beauty of unsatisfied love of disappointment and heartbreak. The music holds true, it never lies...


Free Spirit


I’m thinking of naming this song “indigo” for the simple reason that, when I dropped in to play the piano on this day,..

I had paused for a moment to check my “feel gauge”... you know, to see how I was vibrating, and to emotionally scan my mind to see what to play from my catalogue of songs...after a few moments, I was stuck and didn’t know what to play, which guided  me to “wing it” and improvise and see what happens... well, this song happened right then and there...



Living Room Sessions 1


Impromptu pieces line this one are always fun for me to watch and listen back, because it’s a clear indication to me how unlimited our imagination really is... playing this song again exactly like this would be a challenge indeed... it would be close though.



Basement Sessions 2


When it comes to writing/composing music for piano, my process is total stream of consciousness; in the moment and letting my fingers flow over the keys...Some of my songs, I remember exactly where I was and the time of day when they came to be... and others I don’t remember at all. This melody, I can’t remember where I was or on what piano I was playing when this melody came to be... the process amazes me because it’s so spontaneous.